Brazil – ESG and Sustainability Cloud

Organisations are increasingly taking responsibility for the impact of their day-to-day business practices on the broader community, who they serve. ESG metrics and initiatives add another layer of accountability to their existing financial reporting frameworks, while at the same time providing real benefits to the community and environment.

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) movement gained prominence in Brazil during 2022, attracting the attention of key regulatory bodies and resulting in deeper discussions. Locally and internationally, there has been a push to increasingly integrate private sector strategies, reports and activities with ESG criteria – in some sectors, regulators have even begun to require specific parameters for company compliance, reporting and engagement.

This trend is expected to continue in 2023, especially in light of the declarations of the new Brazilian administration regarding the protection of human rights and the environment. Internationally, there has also been significant progress on human rights, due diligence requirements and supply chain monitoring.

Our ESG solution helps companies to streamline data collection, reporting and analysis as they become increasingly proactive in addressing social and environmental issues.

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