How It Works

We take a comprehensive view on privacy and security. We provide a variety of services for you and your organization, allowing you to be covered in most circumstances.

What you can expect

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Dedicated Privacy Manager

You’re assigned a dedicated manager that understands your unique needs and creates and manages a plan for you.

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Setup Privacy Policies

Create specific policies for your organization to manage most privacy issues and concerns.

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Manage Privacy Requests and Compliance

Our managers manage your privacy requests so that you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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Custom Alerts and Dashboards

Have a birds eye view of the privacy of your organization. Understand where you are at risk and how we solve issues.

Our Partners

We strive to provide the most accurate and detailed information, always. Thanks to our partners we have unrivalled information and can predict real-time losses if you were to encounter a cybersecurity incident or ransomware attack.

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