Privacy Certification for iGaming

Value Privacy are proud to launch a new iGaming Global Privacy Certification (iGPC) approved by/aligned with the Autoridade Nacional de Protecao de Dados (ANPD) in Brazil.

At Value Privacy we understand why data privacy and compliance is important and also the gaming industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber threats due to the information operators retain. Our solutions and services are designed to assist platform providers, operators and affiliates to understand their data risks and put in place solutions to remediate and mitigate these risks.

About iGaming Global Privacy Certification (iGPC) Value privacy will work with you acheive an approved level of LGPD compliance recognised by the ANPD. As part of the discovery setup Value privacy will;

  • Create a project plan for the implementation of your LGPD obligations
  • Awareness and Communication – Ensure your employees understand LGPD and communicate with service and staff about why you are collecting the data
  • Analysis of personal data – Analyse a list of all sensitive data you store and process
  • Review Procedures – have a suitable privacy policy in place
  • Secure personal data transfers – Ensure that your mechanisms for transferring personal data outside of Brazil
  • Amend third-party contracts – Make sure that all third-party contracts that include the processing of personal data are amended to comply with the LGPD
  • Access rights – list what access rights should be granted and how changes should be handled
  • Customer consent – ensure your customers consent to you processing their data
  • Data Breaches – implement a procedure for handling data breaches
  • Impact assessments – carry out a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Data protection Officer (DPO) – determine if you need a DPO

Different tiers for Operators, Affliates and platform providers with cost effective modular roadmaps using global best of breed Privacy and Data Governance platforms that can be both standalone and API into exisiting tools.

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