Why Privacy Matters

Privacy is important to your:



Business Growth

Here at Value Privacy our priority is to help you understand what is important and how to protect yourself and your business.

Ever Changing Laws

2021 has seen the arrival of several new privacy laws. Since the introduction of GDPR in 2018 many governments are eager to implement their own equivalent.

2022 promises to continue to bring many new laws and regulations.

As well as adapting to new national laws, these changes will continue to impact cross-border transfers.

Customer Attitudes

Privacy is an ever-increasing concern for consumers. According to a report by AnchorFree, more than 95% of Americans are worried about their personal information.

Customer are concerned about the safety of their data. Data is being collected by mobile apps, operators, device manufacturers, and internet providers. With this data being potentially sold for profit, consumers are more wary of how their information is collected, processed and stored.

Business to Business

Businesses rely on other businesses to provide the best service.

From delivery companies, email marketing services, IT support providers, advertisers, and many more, it’s likely that you use a third-party provider to help your day-to-day operations.

These third-party providers could be a risk to your customer’s data.

Privacy as a Service

Our Privacy as a Service package is a complete turn-key privacy solution. It automates your privacy compliance across industries, states, and countries.
Supported by our global team we work with you to identify the best toolset for your company and your team.

We will provide:

  • Automated customer and regulatory privacy request management
  • Pre-built policies and privacy templates for rapid rollout
  • Leverage and supplement existing compliance and platforms

Additionally, we can provide:

  • Legal and policy templates for all major compliance laws
  • On-demand and fractional legal, privacy, cyber, and risk experts
  • Fast, detailed implementation process

Privacy is a minefield with businesses getting caught out all the time.

Don’t wait to get on top of it. Get in touch today.