Brazil Bill Proposes Opt-In Telemarketing Registry

A Bill has been introduced to the Brazil Chamber of Deputies to amend the Law on Consumer Protection Code. This has come about due to the lack of legal restrictions on telemarketing in the telecom industry. The proposal is for a national register of telephone numbers for people who have opted-in to receiving telemarketing calls. By introducing this register it will also prohibit these types to calls to unregistered users. Previously the telecom industry has relied on a code of practice and a do-not-call list. However, neither of these seem to be tackling the issues effectively.

Proposed register

The new register that has been proposed with contain the contact numbers for those who are interested in receiving calls marketing telecommunication services. An important part of this register is that number may be added or removed by users at any time, free of charge, and once they have proved they are the user of that number. This then prohibits telecommunications services making calls to any number that is not registered. Any calls made to a number not registered will be penalised in accordance with the General Telecommunications Law.

The telecommunications regulator will be responsible for maintaining the register. Alongside this they also need to make sure that all personal data is protected in accordance with LGPD.

When making marketing calls it’s important to make sure you are contacting people legally. Whether it’s a national register, a do-not-call list or a company database you must make sure that the people you contact have consented to that service. Value Privacy are able to provide advice and information on your company processes and how you handle personal data. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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