Brazilian Ministry Fines Company for Unauthorised Contact

A Brazilian telecommunications company has found themselves with a hefty fine for contacting an individual who had opted-out of marketing communications. The individual had received telephone calls offering TV and internet services despite his phone number being blocked for telemarketing contacts. 

The individual made complaints which were then investigated by the Brazilian Public Ministry of Minas Gerais who found the telecommunications company to be in breach of the Law. The company was ordered to pay BRL 10,702,464 (USD 1,964,972.39) in fines which was determined by considering the economic size of the company. The company countered that as they had previously signed a contract with the individual then their contact should be deemed acceptable. But the Ministry said that the company were only trying to find a way to justify their conduct as they had received this fine. 

Contacting consumers with any directing marketing whether that is through emails, texts or calls is becoming more regulated and it’s important that companies are working within the regulations. Value Privacy are a company who can help analyse your company to assess whether you may need to make any adjustments to your processes and help to implement this. Contact us for a free, confidential assessment on how we could help your business.

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