Brazilian Telemarketers Must Identify Themselves

The Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, Anatel, who regulate the telecoms industry, has created a new code 0303, exclusive to telemarketing. This code must appear on user devices to identify any telemarketing activities. Users may request telecom operators to block all call from the telemarketing code.

The term telemarketing covers any practice of offering products or services through phone calls or messages. This includes both prerecorded messages and live calls. It is now mandatory for any companies using telemarketing or entities carrying out telemarketing activities to use the code. Telecommunications networks must ensure calls from telemarketers clearly ID the code on caller display. Should a user request that telemarketing calls are blocked then the operator must block all calls from this code.

The Regulations became effective on November 24, 2021. Telemarketers have 90 days for mobile (February 22, 2022) and 180 days for landline (23 May 2022) to come into compliance.

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