LGPD Annual Report

The Ombudsman of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) have released their latest report.

58% of demands received wanted clarification about whether the LGPD was applicable to situations or on actions of the ANPD.

There were 156 requests for access to information which commonly related to inspection activities that were ongoing within the ANPD. Outside of this these requests included:

  • Follow-ups on ANPD progress in petitions or accusations
  • Total number of security incident communications
  • Petitions from holders
  • Complaints of non-compliance with LGPD reviewed by ANPD

The report found that in 2022 there was a 70% increase compared to 2021 in the number of reports of possible fraud that involved the use of personal data.

What was most asked about were processing operations provided for in the LGPD. Such as:

  • Sharing of personal data and sensitive personal data with operators, especially in the healthcare sector
  • Use of archives maintained by religious organizations
  • Recording images in photos or videos during company or public events
  • Making camera footage available for defense in legal proceedings
  • Collection, use and storage of personal data on physical media
  • Performance of platforms that enrich data and offer information from individuals with a focus on items that impact credit or for advertising purposes.

You can read the report here (the report is in Portuguese).

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