Footballers to fight for their personal data rights

The lawsuit has allegedly over 400 football players from the Premier League, the English Football League, the National League and the Scottish Premiership. They are arguing that gaming, betting and data-processing companies that have been using personal statistics generated when they play have been doing so without the footballers consent or compensation.

The claim argues that the statistics are being used unlawfully. Richard Dutton who works for Elias Partnership who are the data advisory company helping this campaign explained further. Under GDPR, which was introduced in 2018, consent must be freely given and informed. And the argument is that not only did the footballers not give their consent but that they were not informed that their data would be given to other third-parties.

The data which is collected by football clubs to evaluate the players performance is standard in football management. But the issue arises when that data seems to be shared with companies like gaming and betting services.

If successful this case could result in a settlement worth hundreds of millions of pounds as footballers are seeking to claim lost income for the last six years.

Read more about this case at Computer Weekly.

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