Hilton Hotels Loyalty Program Data Breached

The data of 3.7 million users of Hilton Hotels Loyalty Program has been put on sale. Someone under the alias of IntelBroker posted in a forum, “today I have uploaded the Hilton Hotels Honors 2017 Database for you to download”.

It was said that the data had been stolen by hackers sometime in January 2023.

A sample of the database provided by the forum user showed that details that had been accessed included:

  • Honors ID
  • Hotel property, city, state and country
  • Customer’s first and last names
  • Check in and out dates
  • Room type codes

Initially a spokeperson for the hotel denied that a data breach had occurred. They said there was “no evidence to suggest Hilton systems have been compromised”. It was confirmed that no guest passwords, contacts or financial information had been disclosed.

Following further investigation the spokesperson stated,

The unsecured 3.7 million pieces of data are individual reservation records that when de-duplicated, impact approximately 500,000 Hilton Honors accounts


Previously Hilton Hotels were the subject of a data breach which they denied at first. It took months before they confirmed in November 2015 that a breach had occurred. This breach affected an unknown number of hotels and customers and payment cards were also accessed.

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