WhatsApp Announces New Features Alongside Ad Campaign

Following criticism about how Meta’s privacy features could help criminals evade law enforcement they have announced a new global advertising campaign as well as three new features for WhatsApp users.

  1. Users will be able to leave group chats without it notifying everyone in the group
    • Previously, if a user left a group chat it would announce it to the whole group
    • Now, it will only notify the admins of the group
  2. Users will be able to control who is able to see when they are online
    • Previously, all WhatsApp contacts would be able to see when a user was currently online
    • Now, users will be able to choose whether they want to share that.
  3. Users will not be able to take screenshots of any “View Once” media
    • Previously, users were warned to send auto-deleting “View Once” media to trusted contacts as it was possible to screenshot or screen record the message
    • Now, users won’t be able to record the media sent via the “View Once” feature.

You can read more about the news here, or read more about Meta news here.

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