Did this Ad Tech Company Value Privacy correctly – if so why are they on Hook for $7.5 Million for COPPA Violations for “child directed data collection”

Value Privacy is reporting that a California Court granted the FTC an injunction against the company for failing to flag hundreds of apps as “child-directed” for its ad exchange service (the audience of the apps was clearly identified as child-directed), and subsequently collecting the personal information of children without providing parents with notice or obtaining prior parental consent; the company must implement and maintain a comprehensive privacy program, obtain biennial assessments from an independent third party, and certify its compliance to the FTC annually for 10 years.

The FTC and the Court obviously value the privacy of the children who’s personal information was collected to the extent of the penalty and the ongoing terms of the judgement.

This is a clear example of the need to put privacy at the center of their value chain – Ad-tech world and Brands alike rely on good reputation on being data custodians for their business models to perform as desired.  As such – the Brand CMO and the Ad-tech CEO must value privacy of customer data above all else





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