Colorado Attorney General Public Consultation on CPA Rules

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office are asking for public feedback on what the rules within the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) should look like. The feedback they are asking for includes what informed consent looks like, how to avoid dark patterns, and universal opt-out mechanisms.

The Attorney General’s Office is looking to create rules that:

  • Protect consumer rights
  • Clarify CPA provisions in order to promote and minimize disputes
  • Help controllers and processors comply with CPA
  • Facilitate interoperability
  • Help situate the CPA alongside the competing protections and obligations created by other state, national and international frameworks.

Public Feedback

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office is asking for feedback on the following:

  • Consent
  • Opinion letter and interpretative guidance processing
  • Offline and off-web data collection
  • Dark patterns
  • Universal opt-out mechanisms
  • Profiling
  • Authentication
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

How can you contribute

If you would like to contribute to this consultation then you can do so here. Further information about exactly what they Attorney General’s Office is looking for can be found here.

You can find out more about Colorado’s new privacy law here. Time is running out to get your organization ready, our team of experts can provide a cheaper alternative to hiring a new staff member. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business.

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