FCC Considers Rules to Combat International Scammers

The Federal Communications Commission have proposed new rules which will require all gateway providers to do more against robocalls. Currently international robocallers use these gateways to enter individuals’ phone networks and try to defraud American consumers. 

The new rules will specifically try to combat international scam robocalls from entering American networks through gateway providers. This will complement other FCC efforts such as ending the exception to STIR/SHAKEN implementation for certain small carriers and demanding providers cease-and-desist from carrying illegal robocall traffic. 

Once the new rules are approved, gateway providers will be required to participate in robocall mitigation, including:

  • Blocking efforts
  • Take responsibility for illegal robocall campaigns on their networks
  • Cooperate with FCC enforcement efforts
  • Quickly respond to efforts to trace illegal robocalls to their source

Under the proposed Report and Order, non-compliance by a provider would result in:

  • The provider being removed from the Robocall Mitigation Database
  • Subject to mandatory blocking by other network participants, essentially ending its ability to operate

The FCC have said they will also consider a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to seek comment on a requirement to expand robocall mitigation requirements for US-based intermediate providers.

Robocalls are a nuisance that officials are trying to tackle. See more about what’s being done to try to minimise them.

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