Indiana Becomes Seventh State to Pass Data Protection Act

Indiana’s Governor recently signed their own version of a consumer data protection act. Following on quickly from Iowa, they become the seventh US State to pass a comprehensive privacy law. 

Indiana Consumer Data Protection Act

Indiana have given any affected companies a much longer time to come into compliance, with the law not coming into effect until January 1, 2026. While they have allowed over two and half years for companies to get ready for the new bill it shouldn’t come as a surprise to most businesses. There are lots of similarities to some of the other US privacy laws, such as Colorado, Connecticut, and Virginia. 

Like most other the Indiana Attorney General will be responsible for enforcing the new law. Businesses will be offered a 30-day cure period to try and rectify problems or explain the reasons for any alleged violations. Civil penalties of up to $7,500 for each violation may be issued. 

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