Attention CMOs and Ad Individual value their privacy and right to be let alone and they are going to court to protect those rights

Value Privacy is reporting that an individual alleged that he received around 550 calls on his cell phone, often multiple times a day, which persisted despite multiple attempts to revoke his consent; unwanted calls, received at inconvenient times, generally invade an individual’s privacy and right to be let alone and the argument that the Plaintiff should have expected that he might be contacted in connection with his debt account is contrary to case law (repeated and continuous phone calls in an attempt to collect a debt give rise to a claim for intrusion upon seclusion).

There are some conflicting issues to think about – business is under massive pressure to connect with customers especially with the wake of the Covid pandemic there is an additional to reach out and talk to customers. 

On the other side, who among us has not been highly annoyed multiple unsolicited calls to a level that many are not using their house phones anymore to avoid the phishing and begging calls while at the same time wanting to know that the goods are ready or the repair company will be there at a certain time.

A New York restaurant was heavily fined for using robocalls to try and generate business.

The basic conflict here is to consider how the different parts of the supply chain value privacy.  Companies must not only understand what customers want to buy, how and where they want to buy and also – how customers value their privacy.  Customer confidence in brands – the trust to use a brand and give up critical private data – must be respected.

We help companies understand how their customers value privacy and help put in the operational systems needed to stay out of legal problems. Contact us to find out how we can help you. 


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